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Contributions of English-Turkish Translation to Daily Life?

Contributions of English-Turkish Translation to Daily Life

It is impossible to deny impact of spread of English around the world. Even now, it has been recognized as official language of many countries, it has even become a universal language being second widely spoken language in those countries where it is not recognized as official language. This world language used in various areas like production, health, politics, and economics is advancing day by day. By making amendments in related curriculum which states that even in educational institutions children should be initiated to be taught at the age of 10, this age limit has been reduced to 8 years.
Thinking in this context, we know that English is such a prevailing language both in our country in world, and many official and unofficial documents need to be written in English in order for them to have an international validity. In the world, developed systems and manufactured products are definitely prepared in English apart from their original language. Regarding technology, English is even adopted primarily in computer programs, telephones and other similar means of mass communication devices. English, also recognized as language of technology would never suffice to satisfy the need no matter how high the number of translators in each country is.
In our county, art movies, documentaries, sport activities, political news and correspondence, in communication systems and course books in education, scientific articles, educational movies and productions generally make a debut in English, then presented to us in Turkish by being translated at the hands of translators. Exportation, importation, customs, invoices and even contracts which are mostly talked about validate through English terms and correspondence. In daily life, English-Turkish translation actually stands in front of us in various fields that we do not notice. Translation agencies providing this service can offer this service according to their area of expertise.