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We are Turklingua. We offer correct, graceful and elegant professional Turkish translation service to some of the notable big name e-learning companies. Through over 20 years’ experience in delivering correct and adequate professional e-learning Turkish translation services, we are the model for care, conclusion, wisdom and, of course, that thing excellence grants: proficiency. The translators that are working within our agency have more than 5 years of Turkish translation experience, translate only ever to their first language and are qualified and largely experienced in the e-learning business. In due course, those are the most significant causes to sustain that the target translated e-learning course material conveys perfectly the similar meaning to the specific Turkish audience as the original will do.

As professionals in the area of translations into and/or from Turkish language, we have the thorough knowledge to provide businesses the reassurance that all documents will be accurately translated and offered, reaching the essential result from its target audience in Turkish speaking markets. We allot every Turkish translation to the most appropriate effective team of remarkably versatile Turkish professionals who only ever work into their native language to get your translated e-learning course documents read naturally and give your information just as you had put them on paper yourself given that ensuring a proper and select calibre.

Fast 24-hour-turn-around Turkish translation services

Turklingua is very proud of the fact that eight of our blue-chip ten e-learning companies have been working together with us for over 10 years- for they are assured that the Turkish translations we supply are impeccable in their accuracy, precision, distinction and speed. Turklingua. For Turkish translation, localization and interpreting services as refined as you are. Our Turkish translators at Turklingua translate exclusively in their native language to guarantee the tone, swing and essence of the creator’s source content.

As a well versed Turkish language translations provider located in Turkey, we provide clients worldwide with professional e-learning course translations to and from Turkish, at competitive prices. Considering all the industries we serve, Turklingua produces an unrivalled structure of semantic mastery, understanding and talent. For valuable businesses with a footprint all around the world or great niche SMEs who need their business to get in the Turkish market places, we provide comprehensive Turkish translation services with a great reputation in the international translation industry.

Our respected past performance of over twenty years’ experience in translating for the e-learning course sector depicts you can trust that your documents will be handled by Turkish linguists who know very well the e-learning business domain needs. Turklingua understands how valuable is turning documents over within the schedule desired, whilst retaining a grade of perfect accuracy only accomplishable by working with a first-rate, well worthy Turkish translations bureau like us.

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Millions of words translated every year

Turklingua will safeguard your company’s reputation and reliability in Turkish speaking markets by means of correct translation service into and/or from Turkish in the e-learning field of specialism for any form of e-learning course documents. With a diversified worldwide customer base, Turklingua is the Turkish language translations provider your business will depend on with your Turkish translation orders.

With a broad experience in correct and adequate Turkish language translation services created for more than twenty years, easy to see why Turklingua is one of the professional Turkish translation services agencies with an established standing. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Turklingua offers perfect professional Turkish language service to well-known international enterprises all over the world. Turklingua has supplied Turkish translation works to the e-learning business area for over 20 years. We work with five-star Turkish translators to provide precise e-learning course content translations to valuable brands all around the world.

Making translated text appealing in Turkish is never straightforward- though at Turklingua, we make seem so easy. Turklingua makes possible for your company to carry on business in Turkish language. All our foreign clients including Bottom-Line Performance, Learnnovators, Allen Interactions and Tribal Group consider us once they require an outstanding e-learning course translation service from or into Turkish as they know very well we’ll provide Turkish translation work of hand-picked caliber, with a supportive service customized to their needs. Here at Turklingua, our excellent, exact quality Turkish translation works have helped millions of specific Turkish readers for more than 20 years, making your business impressive in Turkish speaking marketplaces.

Impressive past performance of over 20 years' experience in Turkish translation services

We deliver professional Turkish translation services in more than fifty languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and many more to Turkish language.

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