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Professional Turkish Translation Production Cycle

At Turklingua, we have an internal Turkish translation process in place for each translation project we work on.
The steps of this process can be summarized as follows:
The first step in our standard internal Turkish translation production process is the receipt of the source files from our clients. We receive the final versions of the documents that our clients need translated into Turkish, or from Turkish.

Analysis of Source Content

The second step in this process is to review the documents for assessment of the word counts, necessary tasks to be performed, quotation preparation and turnaround planning.

Quotation and Delivery Scheduling

Once the finals files for translation to Turkish, or from Turkish are received and reviewed, the output of the review study are reported to the client. Once the price quote and delivery scheduling reported are approved by our clients, the next step, project setup starts.

Project and Team Setup

A team is selected from our professional and skilled native Turkish translators, editors, DTP experts, proofreaders, QA specialists and project managers all having extensive experience and knowledge in the field of the source documents and tasks are assigned to our designated team of Turkish translator(s).

Translating, Editing and Proofreading (TEP)

A professional Turkish translator translates the content in the source documentation to target language and the initial translated version becomes ready. A second Turkish linguist assigned the task of editing verifies the translated content against the original source content, if exists, also checking the previously translated materials and terminology to maintain terminology consistency and contextual accuracy. The editor also checks the translated version from the aspects of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, redundancies, compliance with country standards, spelling. It is the editor’s responsibility to make sure that the content translated does not contain untranslated text, free from typos, excessive/missing spaces, punctuation errors, etc.; maintain consistency throughout the translation.
The final version of the complete documentation provided by the editor is inspected visually by a another Turkish language expert for excellent accuracy and highest quality.

Optional Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Final version may go one optional step further if requested by the client, namely Dekstop Publishing (DTP) step. If the client places an order for also DTP services, our DTP experts create the translated Turkish documents in the original formatted versions. After desktop publishing services are conducted, post-DTP files are proofread once again to make sure that there are no formatting related errors introduced during the DTP process. If any formatting errors are found in the post-DTP files, DTP experts implement the necessary corrections and finalize the materials making them completely ready before it is published.

Final Project Delivery

A dedicated project manager handles the delivery of the final versions translated to the highest quality and standards available in compliance with the terms and conditions agreed with the client during the project setup.
With a wide and proven experience in top-class Turkish translation service established for more than twenty years, no small wonder Turklingua is one of the foremost Turkish translation and interpreting services companies with a splendid renown. Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, we deliver first-class Turkish translation, localization and interpreting service to some of the notable big name brands globally. As experts in the world of translations from and/or into Turkish language, we have the comprehensive knowledge to give brands the support that any documents will be precisely translated and delivered, reaching the desired effect from its target Turkish people.

Our respected track record of over two decades’ experience in translating to and from Turkish means you can doubt not that your content will be handled by Turkish linguists who understand the document business demands. Turklingua delegates barring no one Turkish translation task to the most suitable focused group of highly skilled Turkish language translators who purely and simply translate into their native language to get your translations look as good as they read and bring your content as you had put them on paper yourself for that reason determining a consistent and the finest quality.

Benefit from over 20 years of experience in Turkish translation

Considering all the business fields Turklingua provides Turkish translation services, we supply an unsurpassed combination of linguistic mastery, knowledge and skill. For the blue-chip enterprises with a presence in globally or great niche SMEs who want their company to get in the Turkish marketplaces, Turklingua offers comprehensive Turkish language translation solutions with an established renown in the international translation industry. With a diversified international customer profile, Turklingua is the Turkish translation service company your business will count on with your Turkish translation orders.

Turkish translation, interpreting and localization service is at the heart of what we do to back up big-league companies be in touch with the Turkish market. We can protect your company’s position and credibility in Turkish speaking market places by means of our correct translation services into Turkish language.

We are Turklingua. We supply choice Turkish translation and localization services to leading global companies. With more than 20 years’ experience in delivering correct and adequate Turkish translation, localization and interpreting service, Turklingua is the model for quality, spirit, wisdom and, naturally, that thing excellence delivers: professionalism. As a well versed Turkish translation agency in Istanbul, Turklingua offers clients throughout the US, the UK, and worldwide with expert translation solution to Turkish, at budget prices.

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High-quality Turkish translations

We are very happy for that seven out of our major-league ten customers have been working with Turklingua for over five years- because they doubt not that the Turkish translations we offer are incomparable in their clarity, excellence, quality and swiftness. Rendering translated text sound good in Turkish is never simple- still we make seem so easy. We make possible for your company to carry on business in Turkish markets. Our global clients including Kaspersky, Audi, Shutterstock and trivago consider Turklingua as they are in need of a skilled translation service from and to Turkish as they understand well we’ll supply Turkish translation performance of wonderful value, with a sympathetic assistance to match their requirements. At Turklingua, our perfect caliber Turkish translation past performance has helped hundreds of thousands of intended Turkish groups for over 20 years, making your business excellent in Turkish speaking markets.

Turklingua. For Turkish language translation services as strict as you are. Turkish linguists at Turklingua work exclusively in their first language to convey the tone, manner and essence of the complete original copy.

We understand the influence of translating deliverables within the timescales needed, meanwhile preserving a grade of high precision only accomplishable by choosing a first-rate, absolutely clear Turkish translation company like Turklingua. The Turkish translation specialists we use within our office have a minimum of five years’ Turkish translation experience, translate solely to their mother tongue in addition are eligible and completely experienced in the related industry. Eventually, those are the most significant factors to guarantee that the destination translated material delivers the exact similar meaning to the targeted Turkish audience as the source will do.

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As Turklingua, we supply professional Turkish translation service for more than fifty languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and many more into Turkish language.

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Turklingua has supplied translation services for over twenty years. We work with perfect Turkish language professionals to provide accurate document translations to valuable brand names in the world.

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