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Mastery of languages in English to Turkish Translations

What are the Major Points to Take into Consideration in English into Turkish and Turkish into English Translations?

Turkish translation procedure is a process which requires quite intense working and competence related to the subject being worked on. Especially translations being made for specific business fields require special professional or technical knowledge and expertise. Parallel to this the most important point to take into consideration is to completely reflect the content of the source text to be translated into Turkish.

Translations requiring special knowledge and competence should be made by translators performing works depending on their area of expertise. It is quite important to transform a source text written in English to Turkish language, or vice versa, without causing any semantic shift.

The person to perform the translation should have required competence related to the source text or time to acquire this competence. Knowledge of cultures of both source and target languages, English and Turkish, is required besides mastery of both languages.