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Legal Translation Process

Legal knowledge and a command of both languages are prerequisites for translating in the legal profession, but it would not be sufficient, since its terminology is an ocean, not a pond.

Besides, there are sub-breakdowns such as tax, penalty, administration, public, constitutional law, jurisdiction, debts; according to the respective legislation. In all these areas, you must be competent in the functioning of the subject.

Texts need to be handled in different ways depending on their type. For example; the criteria need to be considered with the translation of a power of attorney and a consent letter shall be different. Preparations for the public notary, oath, signature, stamp, and annotation practices must be done in full compliance with applicable law.

If a document will be submitted to an official body, the process should be mastered.

It must be considered that the source document has been drafted using the content and terms effective in the legal system in the respective country. Since the legal process and terminology between the source and target languages are independent and different from each other, the translator must compare the legal systems of the two languages.

Legal documents, strategically, ranks among the highest class of critical documents. A proofread is essential since inaccurate or incomplete analysis can cause major legal and financial complications. There is no place for ambiguity, inconsistency, and erroneous interpretations in the legal translation. If the equivalent term in the source language is not clear and straight, the translator should look into the legal basis of the term and notify the project manager.It is a must that the translation team’s being experienced. Translator should notify the customer in case of coming across and recognizing an inconsistency in the source text. It is important for those who need legal translation to work with a professional language services provider with expertise since a single mistake can lead to an unexpected delay, loss of opportunity, and even legal sanctions.