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Influence of Using Terminology Glossaries in Translation Process

Significant time and effort are required to create terminology glossaries particularly in the early stages of a translation project. Translation memories save both time and effort, and further ensure using the appropriate and consistent terms throughout the entire translation project. This brings perfect consistency and makes great contributions assuring high-quality in the translated documents. Terminology management contributes a translation project in many aspects. Terminology glossaries are the memories where term translations are stored and retrieved during the course of translation process by the translator. Referring to this translation memory helps maintaining consistency in translation of specific terms throughout the entire document. When translating a large project with a high volume, this terminology glossaries becomes more significant to keep consistency and assure quality making the translated versions clear for your target audience.
Also, when working on a long-termed translation projects where the source translation kits are supplied on a regular basis, requiring the use of same terminology in all batches; using the same terminology glossary in all stages of this long-termed project has great impact in assuring consistency and accuracy.
Particulary, using translation memories become a must in translation projects in specific domains requiring usage of specific terminology in especially technical translations, medical translations, legal translations. Many international clients provide translation agencies with their internal terminology glossaries along with their source translation kits and require using the provided terminology glossaries during translations. Expert and leader translation agencies give importance using translation memory tools and terminology glossaries in order to meet the requirements of their clients.
Even if more than one translator are participating in a large translation project, employing the same terminology memory, consistency can be maintained. In some projects with tight deadlines, it becomes necessary to team up multiple translators to take part in these rush and large projects. Using the same translation memory in translation projects of this nature helps the translated documents be highly consistent, accurate and clear.
Along with the above mentioned benefits, it is often likely to implement updates, revisions or changes in the already translated projects. Implementation of these updates, revisions or changes becomes easy to be handled and takes shorter times thanks to the terminology memories.
Translation agencies in the top rows know very well the impact of terminology glossaries in providing high-quality translation services. They also understand the benefits of terminology glossaries and translation memories in the long run.