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Our priority has always been and will always be quality

As Turklingua, we perfectly manage the Triple Constraints in our Turkish translation projects by our professional turkish translator team. These constraints namely, quality, cost and time are in excellent harmony with each other. Our highest priority, quality is in perfect balance with time and cost constraints in our Turkish translation projects at home and abroad

To us, there are two important elements required for a high quality Turkish translation. The first one of these elements is perfectly understanding our Clients‘ needs for their translation. The second important element is flawless, clear and accurate translation to Turkish. Once the needs and requirements of the Client are structured, Turklingua’s well-defined and stringent translation workflows and translation procedures make sure that consistent quality is maintained perfectly during the course of translation.

Rigorous and Comprehensive Quality Control

As Turklingua, we apply a very rigorous and comprehensive quality control procedure and strive to make sure that our Turkish translations are of premium quality. Quality assurance is built into each and every phase of our translations making sure that our Turkish translation service is first-class.

A good Turkish translation should be target-oriented and at Turklingua, we always make sure that our Turkish translations:

  • Are crystal clear, seamless, flawless and concise

  • Convey the correct information in the source content, with accuracy

  • Are consistently structured

  • Have a consistent terminology

  • Comply with linguistic rules and standards

  • Meet the requirements of the target audience.

Domain Expert, Native Turkish Translators

At Turklingua, we give utmost importance and care in selection of the appropriate translator from our large pool of expert Turkish linguists, who are specialized and experienced in the field of the content of your translation job and native in Turkish.
Our Project Managers are professional linguists, they keep you updated regarding the progress of your translation and they undertake the responsibility for selecting the right translators with necessary experience, knowledge and skills from our in-house and large worldwide pool of highly qualified and skilled translators. All translators in our selected list obtain the Approved Translator status after going through and passing our stringent screening process.
All our selected translators obtaining the Approved Translator status:

  • Are native users of the target language, they are translating to

  • Are knowledgeable with Turkish culture and details of Turkish

  • Understand the finer details of the source language they are translating from

  • Are specialist in the field they are translating

  • Have a minimum 5 years of experience in the field they are translating

  • Have a proven track record in the related field

The processes we implement differ from other firms. Each job we undertake goes through 4 quality control processes before being delivered to the customer. After the translation is completed, the work is forwarded to an editor for editing. Following the check of the editor, our Quality Assurance Department picks up the work to run quality controls by employing 7 different tools.
Quality control is followed by proofreading that is carried out by our department dedicated to the final reading of the works before they are handed over to Project Coordination. The job is delivered to the customer after the Project Coordination implements the final touches to the work.
Our priority has always been and will always be quality.
Quality is the factor that distinguishes Turklingua from other firms.
Turklingua Turkish Translation Company has adopted Zero Error policy and provides Turkish translation services in various lines of business.
We address the needs of a wide range of clients worldwide. We are advantageous in the sense that we can address the needs of each and every business sector.
How do we achieve this?
We use state of the art technology. There are certain translation CAT tools we employ, and thanks to these translation CAT tools that helps to translate content more efficiently through four main functions, segmentation, translation units (TU), translation memories (TM) and terminology databases; we achieve the highest level of quality and consistency. These tools provide us with the means to run quality checks. Customer satisfaction improves in parallel with our efforts. Yes, maybe at first glance we might be a little higher in terms of rates in this competitive environment. But we also know that we do the best possible and in the long run customers seeking quality rather than economy come to us.

We are Turklingua. We provide highly commendable Turkish language service to leading global brands. Through over twenty years’ experience in providing beautiful and noteworthy professional Turkish translation service, we are the benchmark for care, persistence, intellect and, unquestionably, that thing excellence delivers: professionalism. With an increasing global customer profile, Turklingua is the Turkish translation solutions provider you will depend on with your Turkish translation needs.

As experts in the field of translation to and from Turkish, we have the specialized knowledge to offer businesses the relief that all material will be precisely translated and delivered, gaining the needed outcome from its target Turkish people. We know well the importance of completing translation of documents within the calendar needed, as this takes place preserving a level of high accuracy solely doable by working with a world-class, best and most elegant Turkish translations authority like Turklingua.

Turkish translations of high value by proficient Turkish translators

Turkish translation service is at the core of what Turklingua does in order to back up big-league brand names reach out to Turkish speaking market places. Turklingua’s respected track record of over two decades’ experience in translating for numerous business sectors indicates you can make no doubt about it that your documents will be translated by Turkish translation professionals who understand well the respective business field needs.

Turklingua. For Turkish translation, localization and interpreting services as consistent as you are. Our Turkish language professionals at Turklingua translate solely to their native language to sustain the tone, rhythm and idea of the entire original work. With a wide and proven experience for excellent professional Turkish language service established through over two decades, it’s little wonder Turklingua is amongst the professional Turkish translation service providers with a solid renown. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, we supply speedy and correct Turkish language services to some of the largest enterprises throughout the US, the UK, and worldwide.

Turklingua has supplied Turkish translation works to tens of hundreds of businesses for more than 20 years. We work with outstanding Turkish translation professionals in a broad array of industry subject field to cater meticulous translations to leading global enterprises throughout the US, the UK, and worldwide. We are very happy for that eight out of our blue-chip ten customers have been working together with Turklingua for more than 5 years- because they know that the document Turkish translations we deliver are unrivalled in their reliability, caliber, quality and speed.

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What if Turkish translation could improve your business?

The Turkish translation professionals that we use within our agency have more than five years of translation experience, translate only ever into their native tongue additionally are all talented and distinctly experienced in the relevant business area. Completely, these are the most significant points to ensure that the final translated material gives directly the similar message to the targeted Turkish readers as the original did. For all the business subject areas Turklingua serves, we give an unparalleled blend of linguistic mastery, experience and skill. For some of the notable big name brands with a presence in all over the world or small and medium-sized enterprises who wish their business to show up in Turkish speaking marketplaces, we render comprehensive Turkish language translation services with a professional standing in the international translation world.

Making translated text appealing in Turkish is not easy- against this background at Turklingua, we make seem so easy. Turklingua simplifies for you to do business in Turkish speaking markets. Nearly all our global customers including HP, Scania, Ricoh and Franke turn to us if they are in need of a professional translation service from and to Turkish as they know we’ll render Turkish translation performance of choice value, with a supportive service tailored to their requirements. We allocate every single Turkish translation task to the most suitable effective group of remarkably eminent Turkish linguists who only ever translate into their native languages to make your translated Turkish materials feel like original and deliver your messages just as you had produced them yourself hence making sure of a consistent and the finest calibre.

As a well-placed Turkish translation services provider in Istanbul, we provide customers worldwide with specialist translation solutions to or from Turkish language, at affordable prices. Turklingua will shelter your prestige and trustworthiness in Turkish speaking marketplaces by means of accurate translation service from and/or to Turkish language in several business fields for any form of documents.

All our multinational clients consider us when they need an experienced Turkish translation company

If your company is searching for an excellent Turkish translation, localization and interpreting solution to help you get your requirements, then you are at the right place.

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