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Our Corporate Strategy

Our corporate strategy is to maintain its position in the top rows of specialized Turkish translation industry and to become a leader brand. Our satisfaction-oriented approach, close relations with our international clients and business partners, constant process improvement in our workflows and processes are all major elements in Turklingua’s success.

Our Corporate Policy

Our management system policy is to establish consistently structured systems, to maintain constant improvement to obtain effective yields in our business and to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our international clients and business partners.

Our Collaboration/Cooperation Policy

With trust, respect, honesty, and transparency, our policy in collaborating with our business partners is to achieve the set targets and to maintain long-lasting and fruitful business relations with our business partners and collaborators.

Our Corporate Merits

As Turklingua, our corporate merits are as follows:

  • Leadership

  • High calibre of premium quality Turkish translations

  • Specialization

  • Environmental consciousness

  • Respect for the human

Turkish translation services are at the center of what Turklingua does to strike a blow for major-league companies connect with new markets in Turkey. Turklingua. For Turkish language translation services as delicate as you are. Our Turkish translation specialists at Turklingua will work only ever in their native language to ensure the tint, manner and message of the complete source material.

The translators that are employed within our office have over five years of translation experience, translate exclusively into their first language and are knowledgeable and fundamentally trained in the respective business field. Essentially, those are the most crucial factors to carry that the destination translation delivers definitely the similar message to the target Turkish people as the source does. With a proven experience for perfect professional Turkish translation service raised throughout over 20 years, no small wonder we are one of the world’s foremost Turkish language services agencies with an excellent standing. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, we supply beautiful and fluent Turkish translation, localization and interpreting services to valuable brand names all over the world.

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As a well versed Turkish translation supplier located in Istanbul, Turklingua brings customers all around the world with smart translation into or from Turkish language, at affordable rates. As an authority in the world of translation solutions from and/or to Turkish language, we have the comprehensive knowledge to provide businesses the reassurance that all material will be perfectly translated and offered, achieving the desired consequence from its target Turkish people.

We are Turklingua. We deliver effective and accurate Turkish language service to some of the big-name businesses. Thanks to over 20 years’ experience in supplying able and correct Turkish translation, localization and interpreting services, we are the norm for high-quality, diligence, power and, of course, that thing perfection grants: proficiency. With a diversified global customer array, Turklingua is the Turkish translation supplier your business will depend on with your Turkish translation orders.

We take pride in the fact that seven out of our top ten clients have been with Turklingua for more than five years- as they are entirely sure that the document Turkish translation services we render are incomparable in their accuracy, grade, quality and swiftness. Turklingua understands well how essential is submitting translated deliverables within the timeline needed, in the meantime keeping a level of necessary accuracy only doable by working with a select, truly accurate Turkish translation services office like us.

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Almost all our worldwide customers including HP, Fuji, Wyndham and EA Sports turn to Turklingua as they need a skilled translation from or into Turkish as they know very well we’ll render Turkish translation work of the highest quality caliber, with a helpful service to suit their demands. Here at Turklingua, our extravagantly precise quality Turkish translation past performance has reached tens of thousands of concentrated Turkish people for more than twenty years, making your business exceptional in Turkish markets. Turklingua’s prideful history of more than 20 years’ experience in translating for several industry specialisms indicates you can have confidence that your documents will be translated by Turkish language professionals who understand the particular business domain requirements.

We have supplied translation services to a wide spectrum of industry sectors for over two decades. Turklingua works with perfect Turkish translation professionals to provide precise document translations to big-league businesses throughout the US, the UK, and worldwide. For all the business fields we assist with our Turkish translation services, Turklingua creates an unsurpassed structure of semantic mastery, familiarity and talent. For some of the largest brand names with a footprint throughout the US, the UK, and worldwide or startup businesses who need their business to develop in the Turkish markets, Turklingua offers comprehensive Turkish translation services with an established renown in the international translation business.

We can protect your prestige and reliability in Turkish speaking markets by means of our meticulous translation solutions from and into Turkish language in all business specialisms for any sort of documents. We delegate every single Turkish translation order to the most suitable specialist team of highly qualified Turkish translators who exclusively translate into their native Turkish language to get your translations look as good as they read and bring your messages as if you had penned them yourself that’s why making sure of a proper and select caliber.

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