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Accurate Turkish Translation of Clinical Research Studies in Turkey

Author: Rudiger Kuhn

Clinical research studies have become broadened to cover newly emerging regions and countries where previously there were not many clinical trials conducted. Turkey has a remarkable growth in the clinical research studies conducted and sponsored by foreign companies in the pharmaceutical industry. The main reasons drawing the attention of foreign sponsors for conducting clinical research in Turkey may be considered as its geographic location, availability of experts skilled in this field, reduced costs relative to those in Europe and regulatory reforms in the country. Therefore, Turkey is increasingly becoming a preferred location for global clinical research studies.

International clinical trials require accurate translation to the target language, and back translation from the target language as poor translation quality can cause serious failures in the clinical research studies. Turkish, with its roots dating back to the thirteenth century, is the official language of Turkey and it is estimated that there are over 90 million native Turkish speakers, worlwide. As all other languages, Turkish has its distinctive characteristics. With all these in mind, clinical trials conducted in Turkey create the need for generation of translation into Turkish and translation from Turkish.

Content preparation has a crucial role in the clinical trials. However, on top of it, it is extremely significant that the content of the clinical trial translated to Turkish accurately and it is strictly necessary that the responses, feedback of the Turkish target audience taking place in the clinical researches are back translated from Turkish to the highest quality enabling the messages in the content are conveyed clearly and accurately to either side of the studies. As all other languages, Turkish language has its own cultural sensitivity and challenging aspects. And in the clinical trials, it is often the case that the documents requiring translation to Turkish or from Turkish contain sensitive content.

One of the most significant efforts to be made by pharmaceutical companies conducting these clinical research studies in Turkey is selecting the right Turkish translation services provider to make sure their content is translated to Turkish accurately and culturally sensitive, enabling them overcome the language barriers having a crucial role in the success of their clinical studies.

Here at Turklingua Turkish Translation Agency, we understand how important it is to get the message across by means of our expert, accurate and culturally sensitive Turkish translation services. Our highly vetted and skilled translators who are specialized in the pharmaceutical sector and who are only translating into their native language use a well-structured translation process ensuring high quality and accuracy in our Turkish translation services.

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