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Challenges of Professional Turkish Translation

Author: Rudiger Kuhn

The definition of the terms “professionalism” and “professional” encompass the influences of economy and specialism or qualification. A qualified, specialist or expert translator who has obtained his/her qualification after receiving education or after gaining experiences in the field of translation business. Either experience or education in the field of translation may add professionalism to a non-professional translator, who becomes a professional translator.

From this time onward, this professional translator becomes a person who is engaged in translation business. There are some major criteria for a person to become a professional translator. A professional translator practices professionally in the translation sector with expertise and specialism possessing literary and practical skills. On top of these important criteria, proficiency in both the source and target languages is also of high significance in order to provide professional translation services in the sector.With all these in mind, it is apparent that a professional translator should always have desire and passion to provide the highest quality possible and be open to constant learning to improve professional skills continuously.

To become and work as a professional translator require great passion for culture, language and education in technology, subject-matter expertise and document types. Before all else, passion for culture and language is the most significant requirement in the long path to becoming a professional translator. It requires passion to become a professional in the field of translation as translation activities are extremely fatiguing and time-consuming. However, if a professional translator has passion for language and is a language lover, translation business is fascinating to her/him.

The need for Turkish translation is expanding in today’s global era and the variety of subject fields and document type in translation business is increasing fastly. We know how important it is to meet or even exceed the quality expectations of our clients, many of which are blue-chip companies around the world from a great variety of business sectors and industries.

As a professional Turkish Translation Agency, we understand the significance of professionalism in translation business. Thanks to the qualifications, expertise and specialism of our professional Turkish translators who are translating only into their native language, and their knowledge of the subject matter, translation technology and Turkish culture, we pride ourselves on our true professionalism and high-quality Turkish translation services.

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