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10 Reasons to Work with a Professional Translation Agency in Multilingual Projects

1) A good translation agency does not work with the ones who state that they “can speak a language”, but with the ones who are specialists in translating. Therefore, they would have a strong Human Resources Department and it should also be included in the translation process.
2) They use circumflex accents, carets, or accent marks where required. Yes, they would know all 3 different terms. If they are not sure about the correct use, they would research and ensure it.
3) They would not act as a “forward” button between producer and consumer. A thing that compounds of a single step cannot be called a “process”; they would enrich the translation; would clear the ambiguities and possible errors.
4) Project managers get to know your company and proceeds on a tailored guideline. Words would have the same acceptions even in 50 different languages.
5) A translation agency would surely have experience in the standard and wide-known languages such as English, or German, yet, if they do not have a 100% trusted team for the special languages, they would remark that they can deal with the 49 of them, but not that particular 1. They would not try to miss a project because of only one language and not to think “somehow” handle it.
6) They know how to avert the mirror effect in texts drafted in the languages that use right to left script, by working with your advertising agency.
7) They can support you and your advertising agency in the subjects such as where to use an apostrophe in the sentence for the far eastern languages.
8) They would have knowledge of translation processes in different countries since they handle high volume projects (even if not in detail, the general procedure, at least). Therefore, they can warn you against the possible risks.
9) They can work with your SEO agent and give support to make the text web-compatible.
10) They can offer alternative offers fitting into your audience, operating speed, budget, and needs.