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Located in the easternmost part of Europe and the westernmost part of the Middle East, Turkey offers promising opportunities for companies looking to expand into international markets. With an open and stable economy, Turkey is currently the world's fastest growing market and among the newly industrializing countries. Therefore, it is a logical endeavor for growth to expand into the Turkish market by localizing your business.
Translating from English to Turkish can be challenging as it requires taking into account factors such as dialect and regional differences. As a leader in Turkish translation services, Turklingua, with its large linguistic team of native English translators, understands cultural sensitivities and regional specificities. As Turkish is a language rich in symbols, traditions and cultural conventions, Turklingua ensures that these cultural nuances are given special attention.
Our team of translators, each of whom is an expert in their field, has the expertise to produce a text with dynamic equivalence in the target language. Our uncompromising quality control standards ensure fast, reliable and natural-sounding Turkish-English translations.
By providing accurate translation and content localization, we will help you increase your presence in the international market and reach new customers. Whether you are translating a single document or an entire website, we will help you successfully convey your brand image to Turkish-speaking markets.
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At Turklingua Turkish Translation Service Company, thanks to our outstanding Turkish language services and over twenty seven years of experience, we make it much more likely that your target Turkish audience buy your products or services in Turkish. Our unrivaled reputation in the global Turkish translation market is the most powerful pitch winner for us.
Turklingua translation and localization company offers translation services in many language combinations, from Turkish, or into Turkish; and varied fields of specialization, such as technical, legal, medical, literature and academic subjects.
Doing business in Turkey or in Turkish is easy when you have a Turkish translation provider you can rely on. We have been providing translation and localization services in this field since 1994. This year marks our 30th year in business. We established the company in 1993 and shifted our focus to the field of translation in 1994. And since 1994 we have been utilizing all our investment power and knowledge in this field.
We are an ISO certified Turkish translation company strictly complying with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards, which are globally recognized standards for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.

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Welcome to Turklingua Turkish Translation Service Company! The Swiss Army Knife of Turkish Language Services. We do everything related to Turkish language services for over three decades. Accurate translation from and/or to Turkish for all your documents in any industry sector is the core of our business.

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We are a streamlined operation base getting hundreds of new global blue-chip clients on board every year and equipped to accept Turkish translation of any manuscript, document, article, text, content no matter how complex. As Turklingua, we can manage all of your Turkish language translation requirements.

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We are a global Turkish translation company that places people at the heart of the value chain. If we help people to strengthen, we believe they will have the power to change the world. The new world brings about change. Confidence is the key factor in moving with this change. As Turklingua, our goal is always to be a reliable Turkish translation services solution partner for our customers. To achieve this, we only focus on what we do best. We are a self-organizing team with the influence of the goals we set for ourselves. We offer our Turkish translation services by combining what we have learned as a result of customer cooperation with our knowledge and experience in various fields of expertise. When making detailed plans, we also keep pace with the change. We establish feedback mechanisms and measure, evaluate and continuously improve happiness of our team, customers and partners.
Understandable connection with Turkish language is a key must for every single corporate paying attention to business growth in the Turkish market. Our Turkish translation services are second to none! We surpass our competitors… We can help you do the same in Turkish speaking markets. We are more than capable of taking care of any Turkish translation project you may have for us, no matter how complex, delivering crystal clarity every time. As Turklingua, we deliver Turkish translation service in any type of material in any format, sizes, and industry fields.
Making translated content perfect in Turkish isn’t easy- on that basis at Turklingua, we make it seem so. Turklingua paves the way for you to do business in Turkish speaking marketplaces. But don’t just take our word for it, nearly all our international clients including Kaspersky, Audi, Ricoh and trivago think of us if they require an experienced translation from or into Turkish as they know we’ll render Turkish translation performance of outstanding quality, with a sympathetic assistance to suit their requirements. Here at Turklingua, our exceptional value Turkish translation works have touched millions of specific Turkish audience for more than thirty years, making your business excellent in Turkish language.
With a wide and proven experience for perfect professional Turkish language service raised in more than three decades, no unsurprising Turklingua is amongst the world’s preeminent Turkish translation service companies with a solid standing. Based in Istanbul, Turklingua supplies admirably precise professional Turkish translation service to valuable companies worldwide.

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    You should always have business quality in your mind while choosing your Turkish translation service company. Reap the benefit of our privilege of our publication level Turkish translation service where your material is precisely formatted to publication standard and proofread to appear as an original piece of content in Turkish. Honest and transparent communication with our clients have always been the essential ingredient of success in our business for over 30 years on.

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    As Turklingua, we pride ourselves upon being a worldwide pathfinder for producing knowledgeable Turkish translation services. Our Turkish language services are the best in the market and we are only happy if our clients are. Our clients trust in our high quality and professionalism to meeting their Turkish translation needs. We have developed all our Turkish translation processes around quality but not quantity, which makes sure at all times that Turklingua is onto a winner.


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Turklingua Turkish translation service company is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and operates globally being specialized in a full range of Turkish language services, including translation, localization, interpretation, transcription, subtitling, desktop publishing services, that help its clients from both public and private sectors at home and abroad meet their Turkish language challenges and needs.
We are mainly specialized in technical, engineering, IT, market research, marketing, finance, banking, medicine, education/training, legal subjects and automotive. Specifically, technical, engineering, IT and market research could be said to lead the Turkish translation business we do.
We do business with some of the big-name clients in these business fields in the UK and the USA. We have been providing Turkish translation services to all departments of HP, Huawei, Ricoh and GE over the last 4 years. We are the sole authorized Turkish translation company that Kaspersky works with and we had to undergo inspections for 2 years to be able to do that. Authorities from Kaspersky subjected our office to inspection, examined our systems and infrastructure, and we had allowed them to do this because we know how important security of information is in IT business. They opted for us as the only Turkish translation company able to obtain successful result.
We have reached our target of 43 million word for the year 2020. We increased this to 63 million words in 2021. And we are targeting to go above 150 million words in 2025. More precisely, our main objective is to become a world brand, one of the well-known companies in the Turkish translation field!
We would like to thank everyone who placed their trust in us. We would like them to know that we continuously and relentlessly work towards doing the best. We always seek better.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for giving us this opportunity.

We’ve got you covered on Turkish translation right through to launch of your products and services.

Here at Turklingua, our excellent quality Turkish translation works have touched millions of target Turkish audience since 1993, making your business fluent in the Turkish market. Our gravity is a significant force that makes itself highly felt on the global Turkish translation market.

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With over 30 years of experience in the translation industry, we translate over 65 million words per year at cost-effective pricing.

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Based in Istanbul, Turkey, we supply professional Turkish translation services to some of the big-name businesses across the globe.

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