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Turkish Retail Software Localization Project: Retail Software Localization to Turkish

Localization of Retail Systems Software to Turkish

A global company having activities in the retail market headquartered in Berlin, Germany, developing distribution systems for retail business for Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland and Norway contacted us to assess their needs for localization of their software package for POS (Point of Sale) and Stock Control into Turkish. The original language of the software package developed for a wide range of industries was German. The volume of this software localization was approximately 49,000 words.

Turkish Software Localization

The original files have been provided in .xlf format and our excellent team of Turkish linguists has completed this localization task within 8 calendar days. Our respected client conveyed us their satisfaction for our great work culture and the outstanding performance we have shown throughout the entire process of this localization job.

  • Client’s Country: Germany
  • Client’s Industry: Retail Industry, Fashion and Textile, Merchandise Shops, Outlets, Shoes, Sports
  • Requirements: Insight and in-depth knowledge in software localization and retail industry
  • Related Product: Software package for retail industry
  • Scope: Localization
  • Project Reference: Related Reference files provided by the Client
  • Language Pair(s): German to Turkish
  • Source Language: German
  • Target Language: Turkish
  • Translation Memory Tool Used: Trados Studio 2011
  • Other Software Used: N/A
  • Source File Type: .xlf files
  • Document Description: Includes a variety of transactions related to retail industry…
  • Number of Words: ca. 49,000
  • Turnaround Time: 8 calendar days
  • Completion Date: January 2013
  • Deliverables: Localized .xlf files for the software package

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