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5 Blogs Every Translator Must Absolutely Follow

We are listing the choice sites for language professionals, here are the top 5!
Along with machine translation tools, you might imagine that the work of language professionals has become obsolete. This is absolutely not true.
What are the primary needs of language professionals? Certainly, full control of both the source and the destination languages. Moreover, grammatical expertise, method and awareness of both the culture of the language of the original content including the hindrances of the language we translate to.

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Yet translation is on top of barely conveying the meaning of what is presented in the source language to the target language.
We are listing 5 blogs (titles have the hyperlinks to the respective blogs) to support your work as a linguist.

1. Between Translations

This blog site on translation is written by Jayne Fox, a German into English translator. In this blog, you can have an understanding of benefitting from good, effective machine translation tools and come across information on useful and necessary assets and professional development for language professionals. The author shares her considerations on finding and cooperating with customers plus recommends remarkable books and wonderful webinars for professional linguists.

2. Thoughts on Translation

This blog is a popular, translation interested blog. This site is prolific with essays composed by Corinne McKay, an American Translators Association (ATA) certified French-English linguist. Focused mostly for full service translation agencies and translation experts, this site is unrivalled for those who look for a unique resource for advices, releases, and language business announcements.

3. A Pragmatic Eye

The blog site is owned by Charlie Bavington, who is a French to English language professional with a practical expertise in the information technologies industry. You may read some of his opinions invaluable, because he thinks over topics such as pricing and payments, publishes translator seminars and examines few everyday challenges that language professionals face while using translation software.

4. Translation Times

Here you can see a range of particulars about the business viewpoint of translation world, professional change, invaluable points on budget discussions as well as application software help in form of articles.

5. Business School for Translators

An important reason what for individuals must follow this fantastic blog is the bunch of advice for learners as well as intelligent translation specialists who want to promote their services more competently. You will see about tens of content published in the form of tutorials, accompanied by broadcasts and points. There are at the same time many thrilling thoughts about the rule of the language professional’s identity on his/her achievement, precise educated linguist’s faults, devising feasts and benefitting from social media.