crystal clarity in Turkish translations


Premium Quality for all Turkish Translations

What is a good Turkish translation?

As Turklingua, we perfectly manage the Triple Constraints in our Turkish translation projects. These constraints namely, quality, cost and time are in excellent harmony with each other. Our highest priority, quality is in perfect balance with time and cost constraints in our Turkish translation projects at home and abroad.

Premium Quality for all Turkish Translations

To us, there are two important elements required for a high quality Turkish translation. The first one of these elements is perfectly understanding our Clients‘ needs for their translation. The second important element is flawless, clear and accurate translation to Turkish. Once the needs and requirements of the Client are structured, Turklingua’s well-defined and stringent translation workflows and translation procedures make sure that consistent quality is maintained perfectly during the course of translation.

Rigorous and Comprehensive Quality Control

As Turklingua, we apply a very rigorous and comprehensive quality control procedure and strive to make sure that our Turkish translations are of premium quality. Quality assurance is built into each and every phase of our translations making sure that our Turkish translation service is first-class.
A good Turkish translation should be target-oriented and at Turklingua, we always make sure that our Turkish translations:

  • Are crystal clear, seamless, flawless and concise
  • Convey the correct information in the source content, with accuracy
  • Are consistently structured
  • Have a consistent terminology
  • Comply with linguistic rules and standards
  • Meet the requirements of the target audience.

Domain Expert, Native Turkish Translators

At Turklingua, we give utmost importance and care in selection of the appropriate translator from our large pool of expert Turkish linguists, who are specialized and experienced in the field of the content of your translation job and native in Turkish.

Our Project Managers are professional linguists, they keep you updated regarding the progress of your translation and they undertake the responsibility for selecting the right translators with necessary experience, knowledge and skills from our in-house and large worldwide pool of highly qualified and skilled translators. All translators in our selected list obtain the Approved Translator status after going through and passing our stringent screening process.

All our selected translators obtaining the Approved Translator status:

  • Are native users of the target language, they are translating to
  • Are knowledgeable with Turkish culture and details of Turkish
  • Understand the finer details of the source language they are translating from
  • Are specialist in the field they are translating
  • Have a minimum 5 years of experience in the field they are translating
  • Have a proven track record in the related field